Latex Gloves | Microflex Ultra-One Extended-Cuff

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Microflex Ultra One Powder-Free Latex Gloves, 10 Gloves Boxes Per Case, 50 Latex Gloves Per Box, twelve inch Latex Glove, Powder Free, 500 Gloves Per Case Provides durability and solid protection with the tactile sensitivity of an examination glove. It is longer and thicker for greater protection over the wrist and arm, and it has increased tensile strength. The glove is powder-free and protein-rated to help reduce the risk of adverse reactions associated with natural rubber latex, and it offers NFPA certified performance. Thickness date: Cuff, 8.7 mils;palm, 11.2 mils; Finger 15.1 mils. The Ultra One Glove is a favorite among high-risk professionals for good reason. It offers durability and solid protection while providing the tactile sensitivity of an examination glove. Longer, with an extended, beaded cuff for increased protection over the wrist and arm, the Ultra One glove is a proven performer. • Strong, durable and comfortable - the best of tensile strength, elongation and low modulus • Exceeds proposed FDA and current ASTM standards for quality and performance • Extended cuff for increased protection over the wrist and arm • Textured fingers for a secure grip in wet or dry conditions Sold by the case (50 per box/ 10 boxes per case) * 10 GLOVE BOXES PER CASE * 50 LATEX GLOVES PER BOX * 12" INCH LATEX GLOVE * POWDER FREE LATEX GLOVES * 500 LATEX GLOVES PER CASE


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