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Introducing Gauze Cotton Filled Pads (5,000 Per Case)

– the ultimate solution for maximum absorption in a disposable form. Here's why our product is a must-have for your dental office:

  • Superior patient comfort: Our Gauze Cotton Filled Pads are designed to provide a soft and soothing clearing process for your patients. Made with 100% cotton, these pads are gentle on the skin and provide a comfortable experience for patients.
  • Multi-purpose: These highly absorbent pads can be used for a variety of applications, including clearing a patient's mouth of excess fluids, wiping away debris, and more.
  • Non-sterile: Our Gauze Cotton Filled Pads come in a non-sterile form, making them a great option for general cleaning and clearing tasks in your office.
  • Convenient packaging: With 5000 pads in each case, you can keep your office well-stocked and ready for any task. The pads are conveniently packaged for easy dispensing and storage.
  • Disposable: Our Gauze Cotton Filled Pads are disposable, making them a hygienic option for your office. You can easily dispose of used pads after each use, keeping your environment clean and sterile.

Investing in high-quality dental supplies is essential for providing top-notch patient care. By choosing Gauze Cotton Filled Pads, you'll be making a smart investment in your office's efficiency and reputation. Order now and experience the comfort and convenience of Gauze Cotton Filled Pads.