Biodegradable Nitrile Exam Gloves

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DERMACARE BIODEGRADABLE Nitrile Examination Gloves are the cutting edge solution for those who demand quality and performance in their protective gear. These gloves are made from biodegradable nitrile material, which means they break down through microbial processes in landfill and are an environmentally-friendly option. Additionally, they are accelerator-free, so you won't have to worry about any unpleasant odors or skin irritations. These gloves are also chemo and fentanyl rated, which makes them suitable for use in medical settings. They meet all the necessary specifications and certifications required for high-quality nitrile gloves, so you can trust that they will perform well during procedures. Moreover, the gloves are biocompatibility and biodegradability tested, ensuring that they are safe for use and will break down quickly and efficiently when disposed of. They are also heavy metal and chemical residue tested, so you won't have to worry about any harmful substances being present. Finally, the gloves come in a convenient dispenser box of 100 gloves or a case of 1,000 gloves, making them easy to store and access. All of these factors make these gloves an excellent choice for an average dentist who values safety, quality, and sustainability. Save 20% OFF! Wholesale Tier Pricing:

Cost Per Case: $299.00 per case.

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Total: $239.20 per case.

Please note: It is important to store the product properly to ensure its quality. When in storage, please avoid excessive heat of 40°C / 104°F. An open box should be shielded from direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting and stored in a cool, dry place. Gloves may deteriorate if left unprotected in sunlight.

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