(In-Stock) 8X Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves 8 Mil

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On Sale! 8X Blue Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves 8.5 Mil Strength for users requiring a general purpose glove that needs frequent changing. Perfect for automotive, janitorial, and painting applications, their black color won’t show grease, grime or dirt. They can also be used for food service as they are made from component materials that fully comply with FDA regulations regarding food contact. Material: 100% Nitrile (Exam Grade) Extended Cuff, High Risk Gloves, 12" Inch Length Beaded cuff to facilitate donning and a textured finish to provide a non-slip grip under wet or dry conditions. Packaging: 50 Gloves Per Dispenser Box. 10 Boxes Per Case 500 Gloves Total Per Case High Risk Nitrile Gloves: Great for response to a situation where liquid fentanyl or large amounts of fentanyl products are visible. * Modified Draize-95 (Low Dermatitis Potential) *15 Chemotherapy Drugs Permeation (ASTM D6978) * Viral Penetration (ASTM F1671) * Fentanyl Citrate Permeation (ASTM D6978) * Gastric Acid Test (ASTM D6978) * Food Contact EU 10/2011 * Food Contact US 21 CFR 177 * Primary Skin Irritation (ISO 10993-10) * Dermal Sensitization Assay (ISO 10993-10) * Cytotoxicity Test (ISO 10993-5) * Powder Residue Test (ASTM D6124 & EN 455-3) * Water Leak Test (ASTM D5151 & EN 455-1) * Physical Properties Test (ASTM D6319 & EN 455-2) * Shelf-life Study (ASTM D7160 & EN 455-4) * 14 Chemicals Permeation (EN 16523-1) * 14 Chemicals Degradation (EN 374-4) * Penetration Test (EN 374-2) * Viral Penetration (ISO 16604) * Innocuousness, pH, Comfort and Efficiency (EN 420, Polycyclic * Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) ) * Chemical Residue Test (LGM TLC Method) * Food Contact EU 10/2011 STORAGE: In storage avoid excessive heat 40° Celsius / 104° Fahrenheit. A open box of nitrile gloves should be shielded from exposure from direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting and stored in a cool dry place. TESTING BELOW


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